Arca Automation markets, sells, manufactures, and services Arca labeling machinery in North America. Arca Automation is backed by Precision Automation® Company, Inc., located in Cherry Hill NJ, a company with over 72 years of experience in contract manufacturing and custom machinery building and Arca Etichette SPA an Italian company based in Milan that has been manufacturing labels for over 55 years and label application machinery for over 30 years. The combined resources of these two organizations provide Arca Automation with a wealth of expertise to supply the finest Pressure Sensitive Labeling and Identification Systems with the highest levels of performance and reliability on the market.

Precision Automation Company, Inc

Precision Automation® Company, Cherry Hill, NJ

Arca Etichette SPA

Arca Etichette SPA, Milan, Italy

Arca Automation provides a complete range of labeling machinery that is utilized in all segments of the self-adhesive market: from the simple labeling machine for the “end of the line” to more sophisticated systems for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Originally designed and manufactured in Italy these machines incorporate a robust structure and high quality components.

Arca Labelers

Arca labelers are suitable for any industrial environment. Operating 24/7, even in the most difficult conditions (in critical environments and with large work loads), they guarantee the highest levels of performance and reliability on the market. This Label Application Print & Apply Machinery incorporates the latest in servo drive technology for accurate label placement at rates up to 1,200 labels/minute.

Arca’s machines combine maximum operational simplicity with extremely competitive pricing; the traditional qualities of industrial strength and productivity set them apart. Producing flexible machinery that is clean and simple to use allows our customers to operate efficiently and gain maximum productivity.

North American operations are based out of Precision Automation's® New Jersey plant. This is a natural fit with the 72-year old company’s capabilities, resources, experience and tradition of providing high quality automation systems, machinery and controls to improve productivity in our customer’s manufacturing and product handling processes.