Our Complete Systems are the product of Arca's considerable experience: more than 55 years in labels and 30 in labelers.

Open Frame Light

For applying 1 label on a product, providing all the reliability of the simplest solutions.


A strong base for applying 2 labels on a product.


Strong expandable systems for applying up to 4 labels.

A complete range of in-line systems for labeling parallelepiped and elliptical or round based containers (cylindrical and conical).

Reduced dimensions and all the flexibility of the self-adhesive. No glue to feed, to heat, to clean. And above all, extremely fast set up, no need to substitute mechanical parts (size change), typical of rotative movements.

Working adjustments and size changes which can be performed without tools.

Advanced technical solutions to increase productivity.

High quality and simple design components to increase reliability and reduce operational costs.

All systems are customized for your specific requirements and can be equipped with label applicators and Print & Apply machines.


The open structure of these systems eliminate restrictive paneling and allows for easy cleaning and maintanence.

Made of steel, AISI 304 stainless steel or Fe360B coated with oxidation resistant epoxide powder varnish. Both versions include an anti-scratch finishing.

A careful study of weights, and center of gravity, guarantees the greatest stability in all industrial settings. The total absence of vibrations is fundamental for the most accurate labeling!

All systems are equipped with adjustable feet to verify they are in an optimal position.