Inkjet Print & Apply machine
Injet Printer Close Up

Developed in conjunction with Document Data Solutions (DDS), we are pleased to introduce the innovative Inkjet Print & Apply system. Utilizing HP technology, this system allows for high performance Print & Apply labeling, without the limitations of standard thermal transfer print modules. The Inkjet Print & Apply allows for faster labeling, higher resolution graphics and the elimination of thermal transfer ribbon consumables.

Reasons to choose Inkjet over traditional Print & Apply solutions:

  • SPEED: Capable of meeting production speed, Inkjet allows for label dispense rates of up to 2,000 inches per minute on the standard Evolution machine. Higher speeds are available utilizing our Wind or Flash models.
  • Print Flexibility: Inkjet has the capability to print all formats of barcode, data matrix and QR codes along with text.
  • Serialization at Production Speed: Inkjet provides the opportunity for Print & Apply serialization.
  • Greater Print Width Options: Print widths of ½ inch and 1½ inches and from 2 inches to 8 inches in 2 inch increments.
  • Print Quality and Color Options: Inkjet produces better print quality compared to traditional print modules and allows printing in a variety of colors.
  • Longer Run Time Between Consumable Changes: Ink application options to extend time between cartridge refills. Also, there is no longer a need for costly and bothersome thermal transfer printer ribbon.